La Belle Vie - Bengal Cattery

La Belle Vie, French for “the good life”, is an apt description for the happiness that Bengal cats bring to our lives, and the best possible life we strive to offer adopted kittens in return. We are a small home-based cattery situated on a plot in Estoire, Bloemfontein, South Africa and registered with the Cat Association of Southern Africa.

Bengal kittens / cats are great family pets. Bengals are fun, playful, super athletic and more trainable than your average kitten. 

Bengals are a great choice for people suffering from allergies, as they are one of the cat breeds deemed as hypoallergenic (They are in the top 10).  Most people suffering from cat related allergies experience little to no reaction to Bengal cats.

We have spotted coat Bengal kittens, marble coat and glitter coat Bengals.  These cats descendant from Asian leopards are easy to groom and LOVE water! 

Our Bengal Cattery include the following Bengals:

  • Brown Bengal
  • Silver Bengal
  • Snow Lynx / (Asian leopard crossed with Siamese cat – Blue eyed Bengal Cat)
  • Snow Mink Bengal (Snow Mink Bengals often have blue-green / aqua eyes)
  • Charcoal Bengal
These “wild looking” cats are beautiful, unique, non-allergenic (hypo-allergenic) pets, perfect for any home.

The Good Life

Part of providing our cats with “the good life” includes carefully attending to their health and longevity. This is why our breeding cats regularly undergo veterinary health exams and have been tested negative for genetic diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKDef). Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy and well socialised kittens with excellent temperaments.

Our Pride

Some of our beautiful cats


Female Silver Rosetted Bengal


Female Brown Rosetted Bengal


Female Snow Spotted

We are registered with the Cat Association of Southern Africa and we are members of the Northern Cape / Free State Cat Club.