Our Story

La Belle Vie, French for “the good life”, is an apt description for the happiness that cats bring to our lives, and the best possible life we strive to offer them in return. We are a small home-based cattery situated on a plot in Estoire, Bloemfontein, South Africa and registered with the Cat Association of Southern Africa.

A naturally playful, energetic and curious breed, plot living has many benefits for our Bengals, and ensures that they have ample space to exercise, play and interact with nature. Furthermore, our cats and kittens are raised and socialised around an array of pets and other animals, including, but certainly not limited to, dogs, cattle, sheep and even servals, caracals, African wild Cats and Cape Foxes.

The Good Life

Part of providing our cats with “the good life” includes carefully attending to their health and longevity. This is why our breeding cats regularly undergo veterinary health exams and have been tested negative for genetic diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKDef). Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy and well socialised kittens with excellent temperaments.

In order to achieve these breeding goals most of our cats were carefully selected from top catteries in England and Russia and imported into South Africa.

We are registered with the Cat Association of Southern Africa and we are members of the Northern Cape / Free State Cat Club.

We feed and recommend Hill’s and are members of the Hill’s Breeders Association.